Build your weekly plan for the whole family with the options available on our menu.

Our menu, March 2024

The menu with expired date will no longer be available for ordering.

Kats Green Table is going to help you to Eat whole – plant based food with more plants, away from highly processed products, hand made, gluten free, organic, and at the same time caring about the planet and learning about ingredients.

Our menu rotates every week
You have until each Friday at 12:00pm to get it delivered the following week.
All orders should be placed within the week before Friday noon
so they can be delivered over the weekend.
Orders will be delivered Sundays before 7:00 pm.
Take-out orders are to be picked up from our kitchen too.
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We make it easier for you every week

Place your order from Monday to Friday and we will deliver on Sunday


SUNDAY 31 – Available

SUNDAY 24 – Not available

Food allergies:  Your safety is our top priority. Please specify any food allergies when placing your order. While we’ll assume no allergies if not indicated, it’s crucial for you to verify that selected meals are free from allergens. Thank you for helping us ensure your well-being.

About our Ingredients:

Whole grains, Whole wheat and ancient grains

Organic, non – GMO products

Variety of organic whole –  plant based proteins foods

Certain Locally products

Seasonably fresh, organic rainbow fruits and veggies

Fruits, datil, and monk fruit for sweeten food

We do NOT use refined sugar or artificial colours

Steamed, Olive oil, avocate oil, coconut oil are used for cooking

“Our mental and physical health depends on what we eat and that depends on us”


Frequent questions:

  1. Choose your meal option in the menu. You have until Friday at 12:00pm to get your order delivered the following Sunday. Our menu rotates every week. Take-out orders are to be picked up from our kitchen. See our kitchen
  2. You will be notified in advance before delivery. Orders will be delivered before 7:00 pm.
  3. Fill out the Delivery information in the Check out section 
  4. All orders should be placed within the week before Friday noon, so they can be delivered over the weekend.
  5. If you require an specific menu or other important request, please contact us here or Phone: 825 7471456
  6. Get a subscription for up-to-date information.

*Our Food are prepared according to the  Alberta Health Services guidelines and ensure the health and safety of everyone*