Venezuelan “Ponche Crema” (Eggnog) Tradicional

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Venezuelan “Ponche Crema” (Eggnog) Tradicional


Such as condensed milk, eggs, rum and nutmeg, and more recently, pudding, has been used instead of eggs.



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Is an integral part of the Christmas table along with hallacas, ham bread and Chicken salad. It was created in 1900 by Eliodoro Gonzalez and since then, over four generations keep the manufacturing of this beverage going strong while keeping the specifics of their recipe a very tight secret. The traditional Venezuelan family has been able to recreate this beverage using ingredients such as condensed milk, eggs, rum and nutmeg, and more recently, pudding has been used instead of eggs. You can enjoy the Ponche Crema with plenty of ice, due to its dense consistency. This drink is much more tan a flavor… it’s an identity… it’s a tradition.


1000ml, 500ml


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