Ideal for special occasions, designed to please that special person in a delicious and healthy way.




To customize your box, contact us (Contact us).

Food allergies:  Your safety is our top priority. Please specify any food allergies when placing your order. While we’ll assume no allergies if not indicated, it’s crucial for you to verify that selected meals are free from allergens. Thank you for helping us ensure your well-being.

Frequent questions:

  1. Choose your box type in our Box menu
  2. All orders should be placed at least 3-4 weeks minimum in advance for 1 to 20 boxes; 4-5 weeks in advance for more than 20 gift boxes; if you need your order to be ready sooner, please contact us to make the proper arrangements.
  3. Take-out orders are to be picked up from our kitchen. See our kitchen adress
  4. Delivery fees will depend on your location. 
  5. We require the correct phone number and full address for condos, apartments, houses, office or business; provide as many details as possible for delivery
  6. We do not deliver to Postal Box numbers
  7. Once in the check out sectionfill out important information such as delivery date and time, and food allergies. Note that no food allergies info, will be considered as no allergies at all.
  8. We deliver hand to hand to the recipient or to another person who can accept the delivery, so we must talk with someone before and while attempting the delivery.
  9. The delivery schedule time might be affected due to weather and the busy Holiday season (November & December)
  10. Hospital delivery requires more time due to lines, parking distances, access to the room and will have extra charge. For delivery it is very important that the patient is able to receive it.
  11. Regular delivery charges will apply if we have to deliver the boxes a second time because of any reason related to incomplete addresses or missing information.
  12. Our priority is to keep your order in perfect form due to some products requiring adequate temperature that we must monitor or when the box contains fragile items. Please make sure that you are providing all the information necessary.  
  13. We will return the gift box to our main headquarters if the area is unsafe or nobody is able to accept the box
  14. If you require an specific menu or other important request, please contact us here or Phone: 825 747 1456
  15. Get a subscription for up-to-date information.
  • Social events: Brunch, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Anniversary
  • Corporate: Organizations & Corporate clients
  • Occasional: Gourmet, Wellness, Welcome gift, Sympathy, Holidays

Snacks, Dessert, Brunch, Gourmet.

*Our Food are prepared according to the  Alberta Health Services guidelines and ensure the health and safety of everyone*