About Us

Meet our history

Our Story

My name is Katiuska, founder of Kat’s Green Table. The company’s history is deeply ingrained with my personal history and my ancestors’, with whom I share passion for food and to service people.

I am from Venezuela and I come from a large family where hard work,  looking out for each other, provide food and help others  are vital part of our values. Since the time of my ancestors, food has always been present in the family, be it in distribution, farming, planning, purchasing or just celebrating together, making the food everyone loved to make them feel special. However, not only we inherit traditions and values, we also inherit genetic information in our DNA, which in the case of my family, include people with cancer, high blood pressure, heart problems, etc, myself included.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and that changed my life physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, making me take a deep look inside me and I started a process where I learned to love myself like never before. I decided to be consciously responsible for my body and the things I was doing for myself and started listening to my body, recognizing that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy and comes with a lot of learning and struggles.

From that journey, I found out that I could help people as I helped myself to discover new food choices and provide them a way to enjoy these recipes, and that could be my small contribution so that people can start enjoying better, home made foods, away from the ever increasing industry of processed meals, improving their life as well. This company was born from the desire to create a family experience where everyone feels special, with food made with love and using healthy, natural ingredients.


Kat’s Green Table is passionately dedicated to create artisan healthy dishes using mostly organics and WHOLE FOOD/plant based ingredients for everyone, while at the same time, helping our planet.


Our Vision is to leave a better planet with healthier people.


We are guided by deeply held core values:

  • Service values like respect, honesty and responsibility for you the customer.
  • Company values like organization, high quality service, pro activity, assertive communication.
  • Social values like helping to preserve the environment and sharing information about good nutrition habits

Helping with

Our Planet

The Whole food / Plant based diet not only is considered to be naturally nutritious and healthy, but also affects positively the environment in different ways:  

    • Saving Water; plant-based foods require a lot less water than animal-based foods.
    • Cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 
    • Protecting our rainforest and lands
    • Saving animals’ life.
    • Reducing food waste.

We practice

  • The three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle: 
  • Reducing food waste.
  • Using certified compostable and biodegradable materials.
  • Working with local products.

You can return the glass containers from your order, to get either a discount on your next purchase of the same item or the refund may go to the Innocens charity

Our Community

There are so many positive aspects to being part and giving back our community as unique and special opportunity for people grow as a person and help other to improve their lives. We are working through   

    • Sharing information about healthy lifestyles. 
    • Making extra weekly meals for children in need.
    • Helping the Innocens foundation


For Kat’s Green Table is very important to have people in our team that can grow in all areas of life. We offer them on par industry wages, benefits coverage, great work environment, vacation days, educational trainings, and profit opportunities.

Our team is well diverse, willing, able and ready to give their best to provide an excellent service for you and the world through their invaluable skills and empowering attitude.

Our passion in the kitchen

You can add them to your weekly meals or in gift boxes.

Venezuelan Quesillo
La abuela by portions

Org Eggs, Org milk, condensed milk, rum and caramelized sugar.

Mini Plant based bread

Org Almod Milk, Org Mont Fruit, Org wheat flour, Org raisins, Org green Olives, Org vegan butter, Org tofu, Papelón, Salt