We help you with food for the little ones in the house, order the weekly menu for home or school.

Together we can help healthy kids become healthy adults.

For Child care centres, dayhomes and Schools

Children’s health is our priority and we understand the importance of sharing the ingredients that we use to prepare our recipes. We have different healthy, vegetarian, plant-based and whole foods which are made with the highest quality, organic and non-GMO ingredients. Our food is prepared on the same day of delivery and we do not use any artificial sugars, preservatives, additives or dyes; instead naturally preserved, fresh and Freshlock sealed meals.

Food plays a very important role in the health of children, which is why our food plate is designed to provide all the nutrients of each food group, in addition to being varied to keep our meals interesting and full of flavor. We prepare menus every week and our meals are customized for children with dietary restrictions.

Our Lunch menu is prepared according to the  Alberta Health Services guidelines to ensure the health and safety of everyone.  Also, we offer individual containers, and also delivery, personal assistant, cleaning and sterilization services. All our products are sealed and labeled.

About our Ingredients:

Whole grains, Whole wheat and ancient grains

Organic, non – GMO products

Sustainable and wild – caught seafood

Variety of organic whole –  plant based proteins foods

Certain Locally products

Seasonably fresh, organic rainbow fruits and veggies

Fruits, datil, and monk fruit for sweeten food

We do NOT use refined sugar or artificial colours

Steamed, Olive oil, avocate oil, coconut oil are used for cooking

What kind of food do the kids have in the box?

  1. Organic Protein
  2. Organic Complex Carbohydrates
  3. Healthy Fats
  4. Rainbow Organic Veggies and/or fruits
  5. Organic Dairy

Frequent questions:

  1. For child care services and detailed menu information please contact us (HERE) or Phone: 825 7351456. This menu rotates weekly.
  2. Take-out orders are to be picked up from our kitchen. See our kitchen
  3. Orders will be delivered before 11:30 am everyday; delivery charge paid separetely.
  4. Fill out the forms with all the information. 
  5. All orders should be placed at least 2 weeks minimum in advance; if you need something before that time period, please contact us to help you.
  6. If you require an specific menu or other important request for your child, please contact us (HERE) or Phone: 825 7351456
  7. Get a subscription for up to date information.

*Our Food are prepared according to the  Alberta Health Services guidelines and ensure the health and safety of everyone*